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We started Sereno Recruiting because of some common issues within the recruiting industry which include clients falling victim to the dreadfully low “median years of tenure” statistics as published by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. These tenure rates are low because far too many recruiting firms pride themselves on stealing talent by persuading passive candidates to join your company without regard to the candidates’ long-term goals.

At Sereno we function as Career Coaches, not recruiters. This enables us to have career discussions with our candidates to determine if client roles align with the long-term goals of the candidates.   As career coaches, we seek to understand the direction candidates want to take their career, the experience they value, and the goals they have for their future. This consultative approach results in the candidates getting value from the discussion.  Candidates consistently tell us that our approach is refreshing, better, and more valuable than prior discussions they have had with “recruiters”.  This unique approach ensures the long-term success of our candidates with our clients.

Informative Interview

The Top 4 Recruiting challenges we address for our clients 

Frustration resulting from an inability to attract top talent for key roles because of a lack of recruiting bandwidth.

Discouragement with internal teams that are struggling to
delivering acceptable results on technical roles.

Concern about external recruiting partners that are billing hourly
but not producing results.

Annoyance with contingent search partners that are not putting forth enough effort.

Our Recruitment Process

We are members of the Agile Alliance and utilize the following top 5 scrum techniques in our recruiting process:

  • Kanban Boards

    Kanban Boards are used to report on daily progress of each open position. As each recruiting team member recounts the activities of the previous day in the daily stand-up, we move open positions around on the board to reflect the status.

  • Technical Excellence

    The Agile Manifesto advocates continuous attention to technical excellence. We are subject matter experts and utilize the SourceCon Academy to train and develop all our recruiters.

  • Individuals and interactions

    We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

  • Fast Feedback

    We believe in fast feedback as a way of clarifying requirements with hiring managers to deliver the right profiles.

  • Transparency

    We provide full transparency in our results, challenges, and changing requirements

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