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Leaders are never self-made.  Those closest to them determine their level of success; hence, choosing the right people in the pursuit of tackling key challenges and building teams is a critical decision.  At Sereno Partners, our Core Mission is to establish long-term relationships through our commitment to providing our clients with only the top professionals in our markets.

Sereno Partners specializes in management resources, accounting outsourcing and recruiting. Our practice area focus is exclusively in accounting, tax, and internal audit.

Management resources: If you have a need for a proven consultant who can execute or lead accounting, tax, or internal audit projects for a limited length of time.

Accounting Outsourcing: If you are seeking to spend more time growing your business and less time on back office functions but still want to maintain sound processes to manage cash flow.


Permanent recruiting needs: If you have a need for expanding your team and want to partner with a firm that offers 3 flexible options to choose from.

When to partner with Sereno

Management Resources 
Accounting Outsourcing