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What it means to be a Sereno Partner...
staffing agencies, recruiting, co-sourcing, tax, accounting
staffing agencies, recruiting, co-sourcing, tax, accounting
At Sereno...


Our professionals must prove their ability to be a "Sereno Partner" through a process we call Reputation Validation.  We are committed to surrounding our clients with only the top performing professionals in our markets.  These professionals are the most sought after because they have a reputation for delivering consistent predicable results for clients. 

staffing agencies, recruiting, co-sourcing, tax, accounting



A Sereno Partner must have:

1.   Raving references from our clients.

2.   A proven track record of strong team-integration and results.

3.   Work history demonstrating successful career progression.

4.   Reputation of civility in all their interactions with people.

5.   Serene communication style—calm, confident, and composed.

What is Reputation Validation?
Interested in joining our team?

If you want to be part of an elite team of professionals, and you believe you have what it takes to be a Sereno Partner, please contact us!

If you are in transition, or quietly seeking the next step in your career, our recruiters will provide marketplace insights and opportunities for employment often not publicly advertised.  Knowing where to look and who to contact is just the start—you need specialists who focus on your best interests, provide candid feedback, and keep you informed with regular communications throughout the search process.

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